Why starting a side hustle

Published on Aug 27, 2020

Let's imagine you have a job. The job is OK but sometimes you think: Is this really it? What if I could do something more exciting, more fulfilling, where I have more impact?  

Starting a side hustle is a low-risk opportunity to try out a business idea besides your job, before hand in your resignation letter and go all in. 

Who knows maybe you imagined it to be different and realise you don't like the work it entails. Or it turns out that your customers want something different and you need to adapt. 

An idea takes time to develop. A baby takes 9 months until it's birthday. 

I found the comparison with being pregnant with an idea for 9 months quite fitting for my own journey. 

For me it's no longer just about spotting market opportunities and finding a problem-solution rsp. a product-market-fit. Rather it's about tuning in to what moves me, what strengths I have, whom I want to serve and then create an offer.

I noticed that finding the sweet spot between what moves me and what moves the customer takes time, usually double the time that I thought, and then again longer. ;)