Working on new Adalo Component

Published on Sep 6, 2020

I talk about having some significant experience building component for Adalo before and having my first #nocode income from helping out the initial market place launch. I thought of building some more although there is no longer any more income reward for that, I believe it helps to market my brand. I have been brainstorming a few ideas and talking to the Adalo guys, but in the end, I start to build a new component idea this weekend due to an enquiry. I have a job enquiry to create a quick web app that simulates a button for an event launch. They need to have a count down timer on it. 

Yes, there is no count down timer on the Adalo Component Marketplace and I m building one. So far I have significant progress on this, I think 90% of features are ready, I need to work out those 10% misc tasks like create logo/icons etc. One of the tricky parts is getting the date field to work. The count down timer that I build support two types of inputs. You can provide how many seconds shall the timers count, or you can give a date for it to count down.

Hopefully, I can get the component to approve in time, since I need to rush out the app within pretty short periods.