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13. April 2021
by Reto
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Windows Hosting Versus Linux Hosting

artificial-intelligence-698122_960_720-425x300Which Will Be Right For You Personally? In fact, there are thousands of netting hosting businesses out there. Several firms adduce both Windows hosting and Linux hosting plans. Windows plans generally equal supplementary since of the license costs imposed by Microsoft. Understanding this, how will you be able to identify when you ravenousness Windows hosting and when Linux hosting entrust hoopla appropriate as well or better? Read on to discover. Continue Reading →

13. April 2021
by Reto
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Now There Is A Nourishment Training App

cell-phone-791365_960_720-450x300A lot of One Medial Chief Executive Operator and Suneel, Boss of Rise, occurred in front of a white board at the workplaces of One Medical since the couple had been introduced by common trader Google Ventures.

“I was really much interested in exactly what the individual encounter was occurring behind-the-scenes,” Gupta stated. “They were curious in what was occurring behind-the-scenes for our associate encounter. It turned out to be of discussing thoughts, utilizing a whiteboard, discussing it in the One Health-Related workplace lots. That advanced in to, let us keep on discussing, notice if there is something we may function on together.” Continue Reading →

13. April 2021
by Reto
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How Useful Are The Current Convertible-Notebooks

Classic notebook and convenient Tablet? Convertibles master the balancing act between both categories. We tested the latest models.

Should I buy a notebook or a tablet now? A convertible makes the decision superfluous, because it is both: depending on requirements, it is a notebook with a real keyboard or a slim tablet. Switching between the two variants is done in a few easy steps. But are these quick-change artists really so great or just a bad compromise? We have tested current convertibles with Windows 10, including the models HP Spectre 13 X360, Asus Transformer Mini, Microsoft Surface Book 2 15, Asus Zenbook Flip S UX 370 and HP Envy 15 X360. Continue Reading →

13. April 2021
by Reto
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Notebook Test: The Latest Models

Large, bulky, grey boxes – that’s a thing of the past. Today, the user usually sits at a compact folding computer. The devices can be taken anywhere – for work, video streaming or gambling. But the price differences are enormous: there are decent devices already for 300 euros – but who wants, can also spend 3,500 euros. NewBitrix gives tips for selecting the right notebook and presents the best devices from the tests.

What The Cheapest Models Have To Offer

Notebook buyers can expect a decent device for as little as 300 euros, as the Aldi notebook shows. You have to cut back on the equipment in particular: Although the processor has four cores, the individual cores of the Pentium Silver series are not nearly as powerful as the more expensive processors, such as the Core-i models of the Kaby Lake series. Continue Reading →

13. April 2021
by Reto
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Asus ZenBook 13 Notebook Review

Notebooks must be slim, durable and fast for mobile use. How well the beautifully light Asus ZenBook 13 meets these requirements is shown in this test. If you not only want to put a notebook on your desk, but also use it on the go, you will appreciate copies like the ZenBook 13: The Windows 10 Ultrabook weighs only 976 grams and has a discreet look. The test of the Asus ZenBook 13 clarifies whether the thin lightweight has enough power and endurance.

Asus ZenBook 13: Not Too Big And Not Too Small

The ZenBook is neither too big nor too small. With the handy 13-inch Ultrabook you can work sensibly. It is housed in a well-made case – nothing creaks or squeaks with a firm pressure. And this is by no means self-evident, after all Asus has used light plastic as the housing material instead of precious aluminium. Continue Reading →

13. April 2021
by Reto
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Best Antivirus App For Smartphone

Android Virus Scanner Test 2018: Which Antivirus App Protects The Smartphone best?

How good is your free virus scanner for smartphones and which paid antivirus app is worth your money? The AV-Test Institute has published its latest test, revealing 20 security solutions for Android. PC Games Hardware will tell you the results of the latest test and tell you which software you can use to safely navigate the Internet and which software will protect your data.

In addition to the PC, smartphones are also increasingly threatened by malware and the damage to those affected can become particularly annoying here, after all, nowadays people carry half their lives around with them on their mobile phones. That’s why there are anti-virus scanners for smartphones that protect the device. Continue Reading →

13. April 2021
by Reto
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The Best Way To Secure Your Android Smartphone

Android security should not be left to chance. With these appropriate apps you don’t have to be afraid of NSA, data thieves, viruses and the like. We show you which apps protect your Android phone perfectly.

Again and again, various security holes make the use of Android smartphones and tablets a real risk. After QuadRooter and Stagefright, it recently became known that Google-OS is also vulnerable to the critical vulnerabilities Drammer and Rowhammer and the Linux kernel-related “Dirty Cow”.

The problem: There are usually no real countermeasures, in the best case you can at least check whether your device is affected at all. We present you the best and most important security apps for Android so that you can always be optimally protected. Let’s secure your device in three steps. Continue Reading →

13. April 2021
by Reto
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TOP Software Security Testing Firms

robot-707219_960_720-500x281For those who have at any time learned regarding the world’s top level applications security firm then you’ve heard nothing incorrect. World’s top graded applications security firms offering a leading edge for applications security testing are Google and Kaspersky. Google not only supply these programs but in addition upgrade its security programs timely.

Applications testing firms are doing excellent company. This new upsurge is called apprenuers replacing entrepreneurs. Kaspersky is giving a difficult time to any or all antivirus software testing firms. Continue Reading →

13. April 2021
by Reto
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using VPN Services

We now have a compiled a listing of some of the most significant advantages and disadvantages about dynamically common IP VPN services allowing one to make a much better choice. The reason for them being more affordable than dedicated IP is straightforward. Common IP address lets you experience distinct services of a VPN supplier with making an extended commitment that is usually done with a dedicated VPN. Also, the strategies are usually quite adaptable and you’re certain to discover a service that’ll suit your needs. That makes it incredibly hard for anyone to monitor just one system or user which is using that IP address. Continue Reading →

13. April 2021
by Reto
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Computer Surveillance Applications

To make sure this is occurring, computer surveillance applications may be used. Deciding on the best type of computer surveillance applications may be complex choice, yet, since you can find a variety of choices to go for. There are some significant factors which can assist you with this choice. The morale of your work force can also be essential to contemplate. In many work places, video surveillance can be used and in some places, concealed video surveillance can be used. In many places, this can be prohibited, yet. Luckily, you can still find powerful yet unobtrusive methods of tracking your workers.

REFOG Terminal Monitor is the final option for completely tracking and monitoring every one of the on-line actions of your staff. It’s strong and successful and this surveillance applications can be fully centralized, making it exceptionally suitable in the workplace what your location is coping with a network of users. Continue Reading →

9. October 2023
by john
Comments Off on Co-Writing for Creative Writing and Storytelling: A Union of Minds

Co-Writing for Creative Writing and Storytelling: A Union of Minds

“Two heads are better than one.” – English Proverb.

This proverb may seem trite, but when it comes to creative writing and storytelling, it gains profound new dimensions. Creativity is an ocean where brilliant ideas often bob to the surface. But sometimes, the lone writer in his solitary boat may miss those bobbing gems, possibly swept along by the currents of own thoughts and biases. Here lies the magic of co-writing – a collaborative process that opens up new pathways for ideas, challenge perspectives and ultimately enhance the storytelling.

Co-Writing: A Symbiosis of Creativity

Imagine two writers, each with their distinct style and imagination, coming together for a common storytelling goal. This co-writing process can unravel fresh narratives, create compelling character arcs and bring a unique richness to the language. It is essentially, a symbiosis of creativity.

In a study conducted by the Stanford University, it was found that collaborative storytelling by children resulted in more complex narratives. The same principle applies when co-writing in the creative field. Let’s delve deep to understand some cornerstone benefits of co-writing.

Co-Writing BenefitsExplanation
Diverse PerspectivesTwo or more co-authors bring their unique backgrounds and perspectives, potentially leading to a richer storyline.
Shared WorkloadSharing the writing tasks can reduce individual workload and foster a motivational environment.
Peer ReviewCo-writers can act as first-hand editors, finding and fixing issues seamlessly within the process.
Experimental FreedomsTwo writers can experiment with styles, characters, and plots that can be daring and unconventional.

The Tale of Successful Co-Writers

Let’s move from theory to real-life stories to appreciate the power co-writing wields over creative writing and storytelling.

Take, for instance, the mega-bestsellers like James S.A. Corey, a pen name for the author duo, Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, who co-wrote The Expanse series. Or consider the author pair Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, whose collective penname ‘Preston & Child’ has spawned multiple international bestselling novels.

These are either long-term writing partnerships or occasional collaborations that produced some highly successful books. Statistics from suggests that nearly 26% of the current best-selling ebooks on Amazon were co-authored in 2019.

Navigating the Challenges of Co-Writing

Co-writing, however, is not always sunshine and rainbows. It requires harmonious collaboration, understanding, and compromise.

Consider the story of legendary songwriters Lennon and McCartney. Despite their personal differences, they managed to co-write some of the greatest songs ever recorded. As Lennon once said:

“He provided a lightness, an optimism, while I would always go for the sadness, the discords, the bluesy notes.”

Thus, it is important for co-writers to respect each other’s creative process, learn to compromise, and find a balance that would serve the story best.

Co-writing is a journey – a rewarding yet challenging endeavor that demands the merging of minds. Its success lies in the hands of the authors, their willingness to share and mold their creativity, and, above all, the courage to re-write until the story reaches its finest version. After all, the beautiful pearl is the result of tempering, isn’t it? So, pick your creative partner and embark on this co-writing adventure!

Happy Co-Writing!

15. October 2022
by Reto
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IPVanish VPN Android App Review

ipvanish clientsUpdate: IPVanish lied about their “no logs” policy. We do not recommend to use them. More here.

IPVanish VPN is a company located in the United States. It has got more than 40,000 IPs at 325 servers from over 60 countries, with an expanding network. It is fully compatible to suit the needs of Mac, Linux and PC, Android and iOS users. Continue Reading →

13. October 2022
by Reto
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HidemyAss Android App Review

hidemyass android appHideMyAss VPN is a company based in the United Kingdom, which is not as challenging as the US with the data retention law; still, there are some limitations that the VPN service provider needs to overcome – since most VPN users value their privacy a great deal and would do anything for that. The numbers are astonishing: 940 VPN servers in 330 locations in 190 countries, handing over 120000 IP addresses – and their network is still expanding.

We are going to focus mainly on the Android app that HMA VPN offers to the subscribers. This will highlight whether or not the users that aim to get high quality Android VPN are going to be disappointed – so, let’s get started with our HMA VPN review on Androids! Continue Reading →

7. October 2022
by Reto
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ExpressVPN Android App Review

ExpressVPN is a BVI (British Virgin Islands) based company that was established in 2009. It offers superb compatibility, meaning that you can use its VPN features on all your devices and OS. Below, we are going to focus on the Android features of ExpressVPN and we are going to highlight the best things and the downsides of this VPN service provider. We have tested it on our Android running device and we are going to show you what we have found out. So, let’s get started! Continue Reading →

4. October 2022
by Reto
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PrivateInternetAccess Android App Review

pia connect  Based in the United States, PrivateInternetAccess VPN does its best to overcome the strict privacy policies and the restrictions applied.

This is the only way for a reliable VPN service provider to go up the ladder and exceed the expectations of its users. With a great many different features available and with great affordability, they manage to compete with all other VPN companies and remain qualitative.

In this article, we are going to focus on the PrivateInternetAccess VPN Android app. As mobile users continue on multiplying daily, the Android app will let us know a lot about the overall value of PIA VPN. Continue Reading →

2. October 2022
by Reto
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SaferVPN Android App Review

SaferVPN tech   SaferVPN has been a recent addition in the global market of VPN, since it was established in 2013 on the country of Israel. This location makes it possible for the subscribers to overcome the data retention laws applied in the United States and so on. But on the other hand – israel is also not known as a harbor for freedom.

As you can see, this is a great advantage of SaferVPN. Apart from that, the VPN allows users to choose among 700 dedicated servers in about 35 countries.We are going to highlight both the pros and cons of the Android app of SaferVPN, in order to deduce as to whether or not this is a reliable solution for the specific OS. Continue Reading →

1. October 2022
by Reto
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VyprVPN Android App Review

If you are looking for a VPN service provider registered in Switzerland (thus avoiding data retention legislation and other limitations from the US and other locations), GoldenFrog and VyprVPN will do the trick for you. Although they do have some bonds with the US, they do not share data for advertising purposes and without a subpoena. They don`t save logfiles (verified by Leviathan Security Group)!

They claim to be the fastest VPN in the world and they have got a wide array of special features added to their plans. We are going to focus on their Android app and put it to the test. So, join us for checking out whether or not VyprVPN is a high quality product in the field of VPN for you to benefit from on your precious Android! Continue Reading →

19. September 2022
by Reto
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PureVPN Android App Review

serversPureVPN is located in Hong Kong, which makes it easier to keep up with the demands for utter privacy and zero logging (unlike VPNs in the United States, for example). With an impressive array of special features and with a modern looking, customizable interface, PureVPN is a great solution for Android running devices.

Android OS is what we are going to focus on, so as to conclude as to whether or not it is worth taking the time and installing the PureVPN Android app on our precious device. Let’s get started, shall we? Continue Reading →

12. September 2022
by Reto
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The Best VPN for Android

The Best VPN for Android

mobile phoneSet Up VPN on Your Android Device Today and Browse with Renewed Freedom!

Apple and Google have for a long time wrestled for control of the Smartphone and tablet market. In fact, in the last half decade, Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices have always beaten Android devices in direct sales.

However, the tide is slowly shifting and the adoption of Google’s Android is steadily catching pace. Analysts currently list the confectionary-themed Operating System (OS) as the most widely used mobile platform across the globe. Continue Reading →

30. August 2022
by Reto
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TorGuard Android App Review

torguardTorGuard VPN has become a worthy opponent in the field of VPN services provided globally. Seeking to combine modernity alongside efficiency, advanced encryption and the power and versatile nature of DNS with the VPN, TorGuard VPN is a solid solution.

In this article, we are going to focus primarily on the TorGuard VPN Android app available to the customers. In this way, we are going to conclude as to whether or not it is worth considering this service provider for getting the best user experience on your Android. So, stick with us and see! Continue Reading →