200WaD down, facebook down, whatsapp down, instagram down..

Published on Apr 15, 2019

What a crazy Sunday for the biggest players on the internet. I can understand poor Facebook cuz its getting old. right. WhatsApp and Instagram just followed, who would expect that can fall all FB family at the same time (it's a big weakness and I think they must explain why this happened).

Anyway, what about 200WaD. Maybe 200WaD was acquired by Facebook just Basile didn't tell us? There is definitely space for conspiration theory right now. It would be great success sure but it could change the nice and positive community. OK OK, I am just joking .. or?:) .. Basile, common tell us the truth haha!

These DDoS attacks I just cannot understand. Small website as 200WaD why this is happening. But sure at least some experience learned. I cannot imagine it would happen on my site, I would just give up and would go cry somewhere. Fortunately, you didn't give up:).

Hope its gonna be all right already and hope you will save the missed streaks caused by this misfunction. Fortunately, I could post something during the little time the site was working but there is definitely gonna be someone who couldn/t make it, Lucjah?

Wish you good luck:)


Stay with me. Efran.