About drugs

Published on May 19, 2019

There is the thing across my close friends ...  in recent time (I would say a year or two) lot of them improving their party experience. 

You can do what you want I don't really care .. what I don't like is the easy acceptance across the group. It has never been like that before .. before if someone wanted to try something at the party we would say something at least .. now it looks like everyone going with the flow and don't even try to hide it ... 

One would say that if we getting older we would getting older even for this ... but probably not.

There are probably a few reasons .. I would say it's super easy to get drugs or at least there is the one guy who knows, no one of my closest friends started a family yet, we have money ... 

I definitely don't wanna judge anybody and I am not really afraid of my friends that it would get out of control but I think there should be still some barrier some taboo which would keep you away from drugs ... at least to keep you do not make it so obvious ...

... unfortunately, the barrier is fading.


Stay with me. Efran.