Angry diary: for people who want to change their life and understand yourself

Published on May 17, 2019

Negative emotions are a part of our life. We can't live without it, despite that usually people don't want to feel something negative, they are afraid to be angry, sad, disgust, envy, etc. Usually, they even can't recognize negative emotions that they are feeling. For example, they answer "I am bad and I don't know why" on the question "How are you?".

And that's okay, because everyone says "Are you feeling angry? That's really bad. Don't be bad, baby" in childhood. People who say that kill the ability to recognize and feel real nature emotions. And it's the reason why we learn how to feel not nature emotions.

So, every emotion is a reaction to the environment, negative emotions too. Negative emotions show that something goes wrong and we should to change it, otherwise we will continue to feel it and then emotions become a somatic problem.

I found a good channel of a good psychotherapist on YouTube, she gave a piece of advice to track emotions and keep a diary for bad emotions. She told how to keep this diary.

The diary is a table with four columns. When you feel something bad, you need to ask on four questions:

  1. What did happen?
  2. What did I think?
  3. What did I feel?
  4. What did I do after this?

Rule number one is to keep this diary fair — don't lie to yourself.

It helps to analyze and find the reason for the problem, and even to solve it. Today I tried it and it helped me to know what is going bad in my life.

It's important to know yourself and I suggest you keep this diary, maybe it will change your life in a better way. Also, I think that it would be great to write positive emotions too.

You can keep this diary for one week, for a month, year, etc.