Became lazy in interacting in 200wordsaday

Published on Mar 7, 2019

For some unknown reasons, I noticed in I no longer comment much on the posts that I've read. At the start, I was happy when I'm commenting on some of the posts that interest me or somehow I could relate to. 

I like the feeling when there are some notifications in your profile. Honestly, it was pretty addictive to see what people are saying in your post.

Though no one really said that we must comment. Just a random thing to cheer people on their masterpiece.

Maybe because I start to visit this site at night when I no longer much energy. 

It's really weird when you are basing your actions base on your emotions. As we all know that emotion always comes and go.

Sometimes I've read some interesting post when I'm about to type something in the comment. For some unknown reasons, I don't send it. I dunno why.

Maybe the perfectionist side of me starts to kick again who and saying. It tries to censor my self from replying and just move on to the next article.

I will try to get back again to what usually doing before. 

This is just something that I notice to myself.