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Best Antivirus App For Smartphone

Android Virus Scanner Test 2018: Which Antivirus App Protects The Smartphone best?

How good is your free virus scanner for smartphones and which paid antivirus app is worth your money? The AV-Test Institute has published its latest test, revealing 20 security solutions for Android. PC Games Hardware will tell you the results of the latest test and tell you which software you can use to safely navigate the Internet and which software will protect your data.

In addition to the PC, smartphones are also increasingly threatened by malware and the damage to those affected can become particularly annoying here, after all, nowadays people carry half their lives around with them on their mobile phones. That’s why there are anti-virus scanners for smartphones that protect the device.

AV-Test has reviewed 20 products for Google’s Android operating system and conducted an endurance test of the anti-virus products, which is now being released. The detection rates range from 46.7% to 100% (average value: 96.5%).

Another important question: How much does a virus scanner running in the background affect the performance of the Android smartphone? The good news: In almost all cases the influence on the battery life, the slowdown during use of the device and the network load (data consumption) was low. Almost all programs also perform very well in operation. Only a few outliers have to be satisfied with one.

We would like to point out that not only malware detection is an important decision criterion, but also other security functions such as theft protection, backup functions, encryption and parental controls. These areas are included in the scoring.

All test criteria were developed in close consultation with manufacturers and users over a period of more than six months. The developers had the opportunity to review the results before publication.

If you are looking for an overview of free virus scanners, simply click on the link.

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