Published on Jan 29, 2019

Today, January 29, 2019, 2 more days until the month end. If you have been following me, lately I have been writing indirectly about the pressure accumulating when deadlines are close by.

I have a deadline to complete the first MVP of the product by the end of this month, January 31, 2019. Actually, not the first MVP but the first complete product because it is what the client wants to see. I have been working on this since even before the sunrises until the moon comes back up to greet me daily. Maybe this could be the reason that I fall sick on other day, probably lack of sleep and stress.

I started working on this project right after the New Year. I did planned out my timeline, and everything was supposed to go on smoothly. In my timeline, I did not take into consideration about encountering bugs. Bugs are the one that really consumed most of my time. Each time a bug appear, at least a task will be pushed to the next day and this happens almost every other day. By now, the task are piling up instead of completing.

Last 2 days, I re-calibrated my timeline for this last week of the month and this time, I still did not take the into consideration that time will be consumed by any sudden bug that may appear out of no where because I could not afford to encounter them anymore. It was all just to trust my instinct.

As of today, the same happened again, encountered another bug which literally took me the whole day. Now once again, some of my task for today will have to be push to the next day.

This time, I have no choice but to continue my work through sleepless night to get things done on time. Lesson learned, if ever I will make my own timeline, I will have to make sure to double the duration as that is what is going to happen for sure.