Building with Thoughts

Published on May 16, 2019

Chemistry was my favorite subject in college. It was a constant uncovering of familiar, but misunderstood  processes. We are chemistry and surrounded by it. 

I remember the main thing we learned was the  import of how molecules worked together. Math was involved, but it wasn't difficult. In fact, once you understood it, it was simple balancing between  one  side of an equation and the other.

I liked math. But, I didn't enjoy spending enough time alone to become a mathematician and really get to know the material. I also like people and dialogs and was curious about my own brain.

I read a lot and still try to. Over time, words and the ability to create thoughts with custom word-sequences fascinated me more and more. 

Now, I want to start building things with my thoughts so I'm going down a newly considered path. I'm going to combine words and code and business. My skill trifecta.  I'll spend my days working to combine the three. Though I'm not sure what will come of it,  I look forward to seeing how I might juggle moving forward.

When I began to understand chemistry, I can see through  the bullshit of people marketing junk foods and labeling their bananas as gluten free or zero cholesterol ( which only exists in animal products.) I look forward to what new things might put a smile on my face with my new focus?