Coding day!

Published on Jun 24, 2019

Coding is awesome! Today I've spent the whole day coding and it has been amazing. I solved a lot of interesting problems. As I wrote in some other recent articles, I'm working on a plugin for Figma and I want to create generative art. There is a lot of math involved in doing that and my math skills are not great, but fortunately everything is possible to find on the internet including some good libraries. 

I started the day by creating a statechart for my plugin. I noticed that the number of states began to explode and I needed to fix that, so fortunately I've found a solution for that. It's still not finished but the outline was good enough for me to grasp the idea. 

Then I tried to use one method in the library I'm using but it turned out to be wrongly typed in Typescript so I fixed that. It didn't fix the method though — it didn't work. I refactored a lot of my code and learned a bunch of new things to use in the future to maintain and control the code.

I've got another problem that is yet to be solved — dividing a bezier curve into fixed-distance intervals. It's a quite complex problem but I think that finally after six or more hours of fiddling around with that I get the idea of how it works!

I'm not using git for this project as this is a quite simple thing but I already regret it. I wish there was a simple version control system that worked automatically like VCS on Glitch or Figma. I haven't found any solutions for that unfortunately. That's weird that nothing like this exists yet. Now I want to create something for this purpose myself because I'm too lazy to commit and save my files by hand. I need to automate this.