Dev Journal: Node Modules and Death

Published on Apr 30, 2019

I really need to learn how webpacker, yarn and friends work...

It's holding me back so much.

Everything seems to work locally and then when I go to deploy, it's just dead. Capistrano gives me an error.

The errors are something I've probably dealt with locally, but because presumably  gitignore is omitting node module it's not being copied over to the server of something.

Seriously though, what's the difference between npm and yarn? I thought one replaced the other, but sometimes I see you need to use one for the other... Why is is annoying? I don't care about any of these packages, I just want it to magically work.

Small issues like this affect (I still don't know if this should be affect or effect) me a lot and causes knock on issues.

I get frustrated.

I achieve nothing.

My repo just gets messy because of a wall of "attempted to do x", where I'm repeatedly committing and failing.

It's looking like it might be due to babel 7.4 right now, but I'm giving up to go watch Game of Thrones with my friend.

I'll update this later with more information. Maybe the break will do me good.

Speak soon team...