Published on Apr 8, 2019

As our bodies are all connected, they know when we might want to pee. A little sensor in our bladder likes to pause the sleep cycle so we don't wake up in wet clothes. That would be uncomfortable. The sensor lights up a section of our brain and we jump into action.

At 4:00 am for the third time this sleep, I'm getting up and making the short trek into the bathroom. The great thing about this interrupted sleep is that I can tell my brain is working. I get some great ideas -- so consistently, in fact, I've named them. I simply call them ePeephanies.

If I'm ever struggling to have good / fresh ideas, I'll drink extra fluids. Coffee is my goto elixir and extra water keeps me hydrated and acts to set off the internal sensors more frequently - increasing the chance I'll catch an idea right as it's being birthed - like the early, still-safe, pre-pop-all-over-your-face stage of blowing a bubble with your chewing gum.

This little story might help you gain awareness about how to use frequent trips to the bathroom as a tool for creativity. Here's the recipe:

1. Drink lots of fluids

2. Relax completely when you pee

3. Let your brain tell you if it's making any new connections