Executive Super Powers

Published on May 24, 2019

A follow up to "Keys to Executive Success", these are bonus items that will launch one into the upper echelon of performers...

Running a meeting

There are a few skills involved in running a good meeting that very few people have. It revolves around a few interrelated things:

Be prepared. There should be a document or documents involved. Everyone should read the document(s) before or at the start of the meeting.

Having an agenda. The agenda must be time-based. You must stick to the agenda.

Have everyone talk. Don't let one or two people dominate the discussion. This is harder than it sounds. 

Not talking

Everyone wants to be the smartest person in the room. Most people think that speaking up is the way to prove this, but it often proves the opposite. 

Not talking also gives you a chance to listen. Listening is important. 

Be humble

You don't know everything, and while it seems counter-intuitive, the higher up the org chart you go, the less you know about anything. It is far better to admit not knowing, learn and get clarity. 


Because you know less about everything, you must push decision making power down to the people who do know about their thing.

Work with people smarter than you.