Flare: Chapter 6

Published on Feb 4, 2019

Drifting out from the bar, swaying in the breeze, the men propped each other by the shoulders. As they approached their car, they split. Magnetized to the car's curves, they slid around to their respective doors. Slinking down in the chairs, Red's thigh brushed the foot-mat up into underneath of the glovebox. His feet stayed there, arrested, rolled on their side and contorting his entire body in the chair. Slinging his head against the seat, spit skewers from his mouth. Dave slips in, turns the ignition and pulls out into the parking lot of the pub. "Hey, hey, wake up," Dave says as he prods Red. Red murmurs incoherently back. "c'mon...aah fuck it," as he ceases prodding him. Out on the road, only the headlights provide dimension. It's eerily silent before Dave switches on the radio. Classic 96.7 FM always because it has classic rock. A faint guitar ballad plays in the car. "Do you think we will ever understand them ?" Dave proposes. "Mhhhmm...what?" Red responds. 

"The only fucking thing we have in our lives," Dave claims while lighting a cigarette. The car immediately fills with smoke, he never liked opening the window, he feels that it's an opportunity to gain more intense head highs. 

 "What do you mean? we have the pub!" responds Red. 

"No, no, the girls, how will we ever connect with them? We do our utmost to avoid them now" Dave says pushing the topic. 

They pull out onto a dirt road kicking up sand behind them. Rocks fling into the hubcaps, leaving the pinging sound of metal to echo through the car. 

"Why was the gate open?" Red questioned.

"Answer my question first" Dave commands.

"No, no," Red says looking through the back window, at the open gate, "the gate was open, did you see that?"

"Stop fucking around, i'm trying to have a proper conversation with you," Dave says as he is agitated now. 

"I don't know," as Red now enters the conversation, "women...women, we will never quite understand them." Red has a double take at the gate, much further behind them now and turns to Dave, "It doesn't matter, they will always link us with the disappearance of their mothers." 

"Yeah maybe your right, fuck it and fuck them, they will never like us, whether we treat them good or not," Dave attests as they pull into the drive of garage.

The men jump out of car, strolling to the door. Red falls down on the couch and Dave falls into each room, using the handle each time as a prop. When he notices the girls are not in bed, he moves to the adjoining room. No sign. He moves to his bedroom, again no sign. Finally, checking the bathroom, when he realizes.

"Fuck, they've bolted!" Dave screams.