Github Offer Free Private Repo

Published on Jan 15, 2019

One of the biggest new this month is that finally, Github releases some upgrade plan to a personal account. A personal account now can access unlimited private repo for free, previously you need to subscribe to a personal paid account which cost you $9 per month in order to access personal private repo. Of course, every free thing will have a catch, for the new private repo access you can allow up to 3 collaborators and missing out of the advanced tools.

So what this new plan means? I believe it's a direct hit 2 of the Github competitor,  Gitlab and Bitbucket. Both offer free private repo to developers before this and seriously I saw quite a lot of developer who using Bitbucket because of they don't want to fork out the $9 per month, although obviously, Github is a better product then Bitbucket.

For me, I been on the $9 personal account for a few years and upgrade to Organisation account last year which are $25 per month, this year after back to solo developer mode, I been thinking to swap back to personal account, I guess this is great news for me that I can swap back personal account and save cost.

If you are developer/freelancer, you should really start digging into Github, learn and use git, cost should be no more issue, thanks to Microsoft.