How to be resilient

Published on Jun 3, 2019

Recently, I started to hear more 'resilience'. Probably it is for my case because of World Economic Forum, i.e., Davos Meeting 'The Road To Resilience' and 'The Key: How Corporations Succeed by Solving the World's Toughest Problems ' written by Lynda Gratton.

There are many various dynamic changes in the world. It is impossible to stay in one state now. We need to accept the reality that many changes occur but focus on more how to endure such changes, mitigate the impact of them, and move on the next phase.

Now, let's not talk about the company, but individual. What can we do to enhance our individual resilience?

  1. Take a sufficient rest

    This could be trivial as knowledge. But it cannot be missed. Without enough rest, we cannot be resilient and achieve great work.

  2. Create good cycle between work and private

    If we have bad things in work, we might have difficulty in switching our mind in a private life. Vice versa. If we have this kind of bad cycle, we need to stop it and turn it into a good cycle

  3. Create touchpoints to share empathy with family, customers or team members

    The emotional connection with your family, customer or co-workers could be also a key to being resilient at work and home. We need the bond around us so that we can believe our doing would be meaningful for them. In other words, we cannot achieve truely meaningful work without deep touch points that enable us to understand family, customers and teammates.

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