It's just the moon

Published on Mar 12, 2019

Lately I've been awe of things that I've taken for granted all my life. I'm being more attentive of my consciousness and find the fact incredible. Regardless of your thoughts on the origins of life, but the fact that we have life and have the capacity to recognize our existence and appreciate it is something we shouldn't overlook.

The fact you can understand the words I've written is amazing. 

The fact I can express my thoughts is amazing.

The fact I can share my thoughts is amazing.

I used to find insects disgusting. Now I can't help but think how amazing insects are. They are tiny bundles of complex processes. They pack into their tiny bodies what technologists are trying to achieve with their tiny gadgets.

And I can't brush off the idea that insects are like aliens: incredible life forms that are very foreign to our own make up.

My elder brother Ahmed, from an early age, was in awe of the moon. Whenever we'd be outside trying to have a conversation he'd be distracted by the beauty of the moon. Even now he would send us messages to look up at the moon if we haven't noticed it for the day.

My reaction has always been: "it's just the moon."

But that's what I've been blind to see: just the moon is amazing. And there are so many other things in life are just as amazing. If only we pay attention to them.