My first crush

Published on Feb 14, 2019

My first crush unfortunately was a relative of mine. It was hard and I couldn't tell her. How can you? She's my relative...a close one, from my father's side. 

Today I had these thoughts coming back for Mary but in a way that wasn't exactly as I used to think about her. I loved her and she knew it but we couldn't go any further than that. I guess our close people especially the adults knew about it, and they were either not interested or just couldn't get their head around it.

So, what happened afterwards? Really it's just that we went our own ways as I was transferred to another region for further studies and I moved with my mother to a different region.

One day I decided to do something bold...visiting her in her boarding school, 600+kilometers away from the city I was living in. I didn't tell her beforehand, so it was a kind of a surprise visit.

The only problem is, I found out the school was closed down for a short leave.

I only met with the security guard who was really surprised considering my age.

Someone was considerate enough to let me crash in her house so that I would get back to the city the next day.

Well, that was really stupid but I don't regret it and neither have I ever told her about it up until today. 

Love is very strange.