new project?

Published on Jun 17, 2019

Yes, I am thinking to start a new project. Today I was reading through the pat walls blog posts and his Starterstory project. I really like it and I could make some mutation in my country but do it a little bit by myself cuz I hate the interviews which are just about general things and do not tell anything interesting. So I would focus more on facts than blabbing around. I would also focus on people with small projects, not the crazy unreachable big entrepreneurs. I probably try to write down some questions and reach some people ... will see if someone gonna answer hehe.

Keep you informed.

Otherwise, it's pretty lazy Sunday. I just go to a coffee shop and chilled for a while there it's getting my regular habit. I think it's good to change the environment sometimes and work from a coffee shop. Let's do not hate Starbucks I feel there so comfortable and unnoticed and hidden. Simply no one cares about you.

Until now I haven't found a topic for my youtube video. I am not giving up still some time left hehe. Need to figure it out. Don't wanna break my posting schedule hehe.

Have a nice rest of your Sunday and take care.


Stay with me. Efran.