One Thing I Can’t Believe iOS Doesn’t Do

Published on May 14, 2019

I have the iPhone XS Max. It’s a great device. I just updated to iOS 12.3 (I don’t think it does anything super beneficial to me) and it got me thinking about the things that it still lacks.

You can see all sorts of videos on YouTube about iOS 13 and how amazing it’s gonna be. Sure, there will be some neat things (that Android phones have probably had for years) but I’m pretty it still won’t do the following.

Let Me Organize My App Icons Automatically

For the love of gawd, Apple, can you please do something about the stupid walls of apps that greet me every time I unlock my iPhone?

It would be great to be able to hide everything by default (à la Android drawer) and then let me put what I want back onto my screens.

OR, and here’s something wild...let users auto-organize apps. Like:

Organize by Category

This would likely be based on App Store categories but maybe you can also override that. And then you can sort them alphabetically (ascending or descending), by most used, maybe you have one screen per category and you can choose multiple layout styles. Grids, lists, larger tiles. Use the App Store re-design as inspiration!

Organize Alphabetically

What if I want to have every single app across all my screens alphabetized? This should be soooooo easy. Or maybe I want to hand-pick my first screen and then after that alphabetize the rest. Hell, categorize them and within those categories alphabetize them!

Organize by Most Used

Can you imagine if Apple could automatically show you the apps you use the most? Yeah, it might be weird if your icons move around and are not where you expect them to be. Maybe it’s just the top row or two on the first screen. And those icons could be bigger.

Organize by Color

It might sound silly but there’s something to be said about having app icons grouped by their color. It can be pretty aesthetically pleasing. Maybe you go by color and then within that you alphabetize. Or go by most used, or categorize them within the colors! The possibilities are endless.

Organize by “Profile” or “Mood”

Maybe I don’t always want the same app icons available to me all the time. What if someone uses certain apps while they’re at work, or during the week?

But then in the evenings and weekends they don’t want to have Slack, Zoom, Gmail, etc. staring at them. With those gawdamn red badges of guilt. “You’ve got wooooork to do!” 

Maybe I wanna switch to my creative profile, where I have drawing/coloring apps, notebooks, a curated selection of media (books, magazines, music) available to me. 

Or maybe I’m on vacation and I want the bare minimum. Or I want apps that relate to travel and that are only handy to me when I’m away from home.

I think you get the idea. The fact that when I download apps their icons just fall into the empty spots, piling up screen after screen is stupid. 

The iPhone is over 10 fucking years old. And the wall of icons (or folders that I can manually create...yippee) is still the only way to organize my apps. Blegh.

It IS sweet that I can copy text on my MacBook and then paste it on my phone, though. Thanks for that, Apple.