Online trust

Published on Nov 25, 2018

Online trust is hard to get.

Yet, it is mandatory for most things you set out to create. Making is collaborating. You cannot do this alone. Trust is the heart of collaboration, so how do we grow trust ?

Performing tasks in public is a great enabler. Writing down what you are doing, for everyone else to see, creates transparency. A tangible display of honesty.

Any goal worth pursuing usually takes time. Persistence is another trait to prove to others. Cheer determination inspires people. Show up everyday and keep at it.

Stick to become a reliable person: keep your word. Stay consistent once you set out to do something and don't give halfway through it at the first obstacle: nobody like half-assed people.

Striving for the win-win situation is the only way to go. Never act selfish, have a genuinely helpful nature. But don't be selfless, you have to stand out for your own personal values and choices.

If humans are social animals, trust is what the social contract relies upon.

Break trust, and you are estranging yourself from mankind. Even lone wolfs long for a trustworthy pack.

Gain trust, and few things will remain inaccessible.

What more, do not give away your trust easily. It is a treasure in its own right.