Out of words

Published on Jan 23, 2019

So let's try some random words in rhymes.


I am writing this post to follow everything in my world. I just wanna see if nonsense words can breathe, 

will see if this is should be free

or you should pay every moment every day. 

I just don't know where should I go what should I see with who living by the sea.

My words just flow ... with no purpose no goal. 

But sometimes life shows ... you the way the light the glow.

My brain feels stuck. My thoughts hitting the bottom of the rock. Still, I don't wanna give up.

Now I'm just in the middle of the track, still breathing even my heart is a little wreck.

Cannot stop right now I am not ready I am not happy I am not really very sorry.

Moving forward step by step the end is closer but some time still left.

Time to say goodbye because I am finally safe for now .,.  

200 random words ... just done 


No, I am not on drugs haha I just really didn't know what I should write about today. I am really sorry for this post. Please don't hesitate to skip it.:) 

Stay with me. Efran.