Published on Jul 11, 2019

The Wacken Open Air festival is only a few weeks away now, my brain is slowly going into preparation mode.

Yesterday my best friend bought a bunch of Cigars we will be smoking there. On Saturday I will be collecting the bottled water, the canned food and alcoholic drinks I ordered a week ago.

Preparation is king, especially if you are planning a road trip of about 1200 kilometres per trip (1200 to and 1200 back). It is crazy if you think about the distance we are going to drive.

This year we will be four people, last year we drove the distance in eighteen hours (of course including breaks and refuelling). I am already curious about how long it will take us this year.

Also, we will be driving another route, as driving the main Highway in Germany upward (Highway 7) wasn't recommended by several people. We drove Highway 7 up last year, so it will be a comparable journey.

I also have to check the booking of the hotel again and maybe create a checklist for us four.

Many things to do and only 18 days until we start our journey. I'll have to admit I can't wait for it to start.

Good thing I already have almost all my 200wad posts ready for the time I will be offline. Only one day is missing, hopefully, I can prepare it this weekend. We'll see.