random thoughts

Published on Jun 6, 2019

Some days are pure desperation. The weather is so hot outside. I am not able to do anything. Not even writing so I just put down some of my recent thoughts.

  • So many SPAMs in my mail or WordPress comments. It looks like people going more hardcore now. It's not just about viagra pills ... but send me bitcoin otherwise, I will share your personal pics, send me money otherwise your website gonna sending spams, send me money otherwise you gonna die slowly ... ok, the last one I made up .. but still, WTF is going on there ...I wonder how many people actually send the money cuz sometimes is pretty scary.
  • Thinking to set some goal about how much I wanna earn on my side projects or freelance work. Just to be a little more motivated. I already tried that once but without success, but I think now is the right time if I ever wanna be independent. Let's start small and earn a dollar in the next 30 days!:)
  • About to buy the laptop finally, probably will go with Lenovo. Cuz my friend can get some pretty decent deal. Still, didn't see the specs but hopefully, I can get pick something.

Okay, that's it. Take care. :)


Stay with me. Efran.