Speech Contest Prep - lessons from 200WaD

Published on Feb 16, 2019

Speech contest is coming up. 200Wordaday would be one topic I can proudly talk this time. The topic is free but we are supposed to influence the audience to some extent. Today I just dump my scattered ideas here and get my thoughts organized. 

Now I am trying to come up with some messages I would like to deliver to the audience, and the related experience I have. The message would be better to be an action to call by the audience after my speech. What action would I like the audience to take?

Lessons learned from 200Wordaday are

  • Start small
  • Compare yourself with who were yesterday

To tell the story effectively, it would be nice to share some failure or mistakes associated with the message. 

Some relevant failure candidates are followings:

  • I failed to start a technical blog in 2017. We paid the server and domain for my wife and me. While my wife successfully launched her blog and enjoyed making multiple posts, I struggle and cannot continue to write it and post 5 half-baked posts. Since I tried not to fall into perfectionism, I posted something, but I was not satisfied at all. 
  • When preparing a university exam, I had a hard time to get a high score in English. I spend more time on English than math but English was always the worst subject for me. I feel this is because I might have a less firm understanding capability in my native language.
  •  On the 6th grade, the first year of junior high school, I had grade C for a language class for the very first examination. I did not have any problem with math and other social science subjects. I was surprised at myself and felt like I lack the basic skill.

Why I cannot continue to write a blog before?

  • I compare myself to other successful bloggers or blog post I read in daily life as a part of my job for data science work or maybe compared with my wife. I was disappointed at my post and lose my motivation.
  • I did not know how effectively I can write a technical sentence. 
  • I notice I did not understand fully enoügh to explain technical stuff. 
  • The purpose was not determined. 
  • The purpose was set for approval desire. But I unconsciously noticed I cannot fill the desire by writing my technical blog since I realized I was not a good writer yet. I was able to see the quality difference between experienced smarter bloggers and myself.
  • I was afraid of being criticized by an unknown audience in their mind like 'what a bad post is?'

Now why I can continue to write a post in 200WordADay?

  • it is a small start. 200 words are good but sufficient target for me.
  • I got the feedback to compare myself with who I was yesterday, which rip off my approval desire. I just focus on improving my writing. 
  • I got the comment, which said "still I don't get it" when I was trying to explain one technical concept by plain terms. I failed. But it was actually good for me. I feel better now and realize that as long as I can focus on improving my writing, I can appreciate it from my bottom of hearts, not just pretending to be an adult. 

- Hiro


Grammarly: 15

Word of the day: apotheosis