spring cleaning

Published on May 1, 2019

I am gonna talk about the cleaning of my website, not actual cleaning (don't be crazy haha).

So today it was just about my blog even at the job I work on my website hehe. I did a slight redesign, wrote a new weekly post and started a big cleanup.

I have been going through all the post and transform them into WordPress Gutenberg (don't hate me but I actually like the new system) and adjust them to fit into the new design. It is pretty hard and it will take some time but it's gonna be nice to have everything aligned. 

Also, it's fun to read the older posts and remembering the time in Canada and enjoyments from my travels. I wish I can go back in time hehe. So many good memories. I cannot even believe that all that actually happened. The times flies so fast I feel like I was there in a previous life. 

For these moments it is good to have a blog I can remember the good old times. I am happy I wasn't lazy to write.

Ok, let's edit a few more posts before the bedtime I am not even in the half yet.


Stay with me. Efran.