The lost suitcase

Published on Feb 26, 2019

Yesterday, I flew from Berlin to Singapore. I arrived well, but my suitcase didn't. 

For eight long hours, I didn't know if I was going to get it back or if it was lost/stolen and gone forever. Not to mention that I didn't have any toiletries and other usual conveniences once I arrived. That sucked. Luckily I had packed some of the clothes in my handbag. 

That suitcase is full of precious things. As I try to cut down on unnecessary items and useless stuff, everything I now own is more carefully selected and carries more weight. The thought of losing all those things really hurt. 

You might think "well just buy everything again". That's not that easy. I'll be back in Papua New Guinea for the next few months. Nothing much available there. 

I tried to be cool, telling myself that those are just things. Why so materialistic? It's tough to forgo some essential items which have almost merged with my identity. 

I can't live without a black mascara, because my eyes just look weird without it and I don't feel like myself. I need my Nike sports shoes because I want to work out. What about hair ties? I need freakin hair ties!!! 

This was an interesting lesson. I'm not that detached from my things as I thought. During my decluttering sessions, I'm happily saying goodbye to many things. But when faced with the (potential) loss of something I consciously chose for a purpose, I'd cry like a baby.