The Roth IRA for writing

Published on Jul 3, 2019

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. One who understands it, earns it ... one who doesn't ... pays it.

Alberto Einsteino

Last night while falling asleep I thought of how 200WAD was like my writing IRA fund. When it began, there was some tension to writing on here... some friction. I know a lot of others have wrote about how easy they found it to write here. But for me it was hard. I didn't want to come on here and write. Coming on here to do that carried an air of work to it. It took a lot of effort. Back then I would've much rather just wrote on my word processor. 

But as my post count went up, and I started forming connections on here -- some of them even transcending to email -- the barrier to posting on here became lower. I no longer felt like a jockey on top of a horse, but rather a horseman. I don't feel like an individual linking into this website anymore. It just feels like my Roth IRA account but for writing. And everyday writing on here gets more seamless. 

With an IRA, what's compounding is the amount of money that can be invested to make more money. Obviously, my words aren't compounding to more words on here. So as I went off to slumber I thought of what exactly was compounding on this site. And what I came up with then was that what was compounding was the reduction in barrier to starting-writing. 

However, now that I've wrote this, I've come up with another thing this site compounds that makes it the writers' Roth IRA. I'll write about that later.