Published on Mar 13, 2019

Yesterday's boxing lesson was a little harder than usual. A heavy sparring session was followed by an exhausting workout. All of that lead to a weird Tuesday for me. 

Especially my head feels like somebody would have been punching me cuz literally somebody had punched me haha. I think I should press a break otherwise not much will left in my head. Recently I couldn't help myself and during the sparring, I always try to push and be more confident. Sure I am getting better but it's not equal to be hit less. I would say I am getting hit even more which is not probably the best thing for my brain. (as you can probably already see according to my writing skills haha).

In spite of this handicap, I did a good job at work today. The company websites portfolio is in a big mess. The domains, the hosting providers, the administrations, the FTP setups. Simply everything. Nobody knows the passwords and edit something is a big hassle. 

So today I have started to go through all the websites and finding the details which I will collect to document. In the future should be much easier to find something. 

It's not just about to go through the old emails (which is probably the biggest pain in the ass, am I the only one who can never find anything?), but also searching in the databases of the microsites and looking for hidden login details, figuring out what the webmaster wanted to say with this piece of code ....  and so on.

A lot of fun, but I think I am gonna be able to finish it. :)


Stay with me. Efran.