What I did In Feb 2019

Published on Mar 5, 2019

What happens in Feb 2019 toward my 2019 Goals.

Things that I miss or failed:

  • I still didn't launch Hookeepr v2
  • Trying to pick up notion but it seems like Trello even more suitable me.
  • I didn't start to build WordPress Plugin ( I have a few ideas and want to focus this area this year )
  • Having a high fever for five days almost break most of my plans.
  • I am trying to build a new habit but pause by the high fever.

It is a short month ( Lunar Near Year holidays + sicks ), I didn't manage to do most of the products side related things. Fall sick again, I really need to hack and build up my body health. I m going to focus on wake up early and food fasting in March.

Things that are getting good:

  • Finish my first book, buying more book on kobo and tracking book reading on Goodreads.
  • Pick up more about Laravel Nova and build a component for internal use.
  • Have a good rest during Lunar New Year and manage to finish up some work in time after the rest.

Business & Products:

  • Since is a short month, mostly focus on client work, work out a demo, upgrade an old site and release a new event landing page.
  • all the side project quiet.
  • no progress on what I plan to focus on.

Overall not really a good progress month, there is some small progress, but lacks improvement on the business side, understand this is a short month and I going to really start all in on March.