Why freelancers need to be choosy

Published on Jun 13, 2019

When I was new to freelancing and didn't have any experience or contacts yet, I was eager to secure every client that wanted to talk to me. 

I just wanted to get exposure and experience under my belt as fast as possible. 

And it worked! This came at a certain cost, though. 

Some clients were a bit rude, the communication was weird, they didn't pay much, they didn't value my work. 

Even though I learned something from it, it wasn't the best experience for me. 

That's why my advice for every freelancer is:

Choose wisely who you work with 

That's the beauty of being a freelancer and your own boss. You CAN say NO!

Give yourself the freedom to choose your clients. 

Work only with somebody who you get along with... from the beginning. 

When you have the first interaction, and you already see a million red flags (showing attitude, too focused on the price, rude, long gaps in the communication, can't say clearly what is needed), don't pursue further. 

I know this can be tough when you've got bills to pay and rely on the money coming in. 

But you won't do yourself a favor if you give in and for the next few months or so resent working for that person. 

Make this a new rule for your business: "I only work with nice people who value me and my work."