Why the hell would I ever come to a greasy spoon like this? | A Summer Near Westcity - v3 - 6

Published on Aug 8, 2019

I had never ever been to this diner before. What reason was there before to enter such a place? I could always get my fill at a dorm caf, or go to Chipotle, or an Indian buffet. Why the hell would I ever come to a greasy spoon like this? 

It was the odd hours of the night, when there was nobody out. Too late for anyone to still be partying, too early for people to be starting their day, the diner beckoned. 

I'd always known the place never closed. But I guess I'd never been in want of food at this hour. And during normal hours I never craved a plate full of eggs, potatoes, and bacon. In this case, I guess it was still all the same in that regards. I had no appetite... for food at least, what I did crave though was someplace still awake. I couldn't explain why. I just didn't want to be asleep or alone. I wanted to be someplace where people were still 'on'. 

I ordered coffee, and the waitress poured me a steaming cup, which was surprising because there was hardly anyone else. Maybe they kept it hot for the staff? 

In the parking lot I had seen some city-utility employee asleep in their truck. And in the inside were two men who both looked like manual laborers sitting separately, an old overweight woman who was reading a book, and a young teenager guy who had their head pressed against their elbows which were pressed against the table. Was that guy asleep in here? 

The coffee was abysmal, but it was hot so I couldn't blame them. The waitress asked if I'd like some food, and I felt bad so I went ahead and ordered something. Westcity Hash. I figured fried potatoes would retain its value the longest. Something that I could eat in about seven hours that would still taste decent. It was just a mountain of potatoes, with peppers, onions, and eggs mixed in. 

"Can I get it to-go? I'm not so hungry right now?"

"Sure thing. You want me to get it started later so that it's hot when you take it out?"

I didn't think of that. A good idea. I nodded to her.