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Why You Should Stay Away From Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

bitcoin-495994_640-425x300First of all let me explain the following: I’m not against cryptocurrencies, they are interesting inventions and revolutionary concepts from a technological point of view. The reason I write this article is to prevent people from starting to trade and losing much or even all their money, what mostly happens.

I know cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and those thousands of altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin as the main one) are the hot shit right now, everyone talks about it and everyone tries to make a profit with it, all right with that. However, I do not invest in cryptocurrencies because I know a thousand other ways and use them to build wealth …

How to learn from scary (successful) people to invest and create your own real wealth

If you want to invest in one thing then get an overview first.

Look how the other really successful ones are doing and just try to copy that.

You should try to build on the success of others. So you can easily gain experience and keep the risk low.

Just look at the most successful investors and learn.

Like the author of the famous trading book Investment Punk, who started out as a Harvard graduate and investment banker, and now almost as a Youtube star with his own online business school:

“Digital Literacy … know the things of the New Econemy. Otherwise you make financial mistake # 5 ”
Why hard work always pays off and why gamers and players always run out of money

Second reason why I do not invest in cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies are not a recognizable skill for me.

Compared to online marketing, what you can learn hard, what you can do very well for almost any area and more importantly what you have the rest of your life.

You get the opportunity to build a new business again and again and to design according to your wishes and circumstances.

By contrast, cryptocurrencies are more like gambling. The most money is being made on platforms as mentioned on BBB and similar sites.

If you have no plan at all where you want to put your hard work, without any “guessing or gambling”, follow my tips. Otherwise go Youtube channels like that one and get bankrupt. They show you the best and fastest way to lose your money by investing in just any shirtcoins, that will die in thenear future and the people who take your money are the few winners in those zero sum games.

Even in the current crisis people invest a lot of money in crypto currencies, which you can read at People should be more careful!

Where Focus Goes – Energy Flows

But I can tell you lots of business tips like about about Drop Shipping, Shopify and a cool 30-day Ecommerce Challenge that you can see through completely as a beginner, without any prior knowledge.

How do you manage to make 15 Euro from 1 Euro just with this one chance and the right focus

Do not run after every chance …

You have to find a thing that you can master.

There are just too many ways to make money online that are better than gambling. But still many people start to invest in BTC and other cryptocurrencies, as you can read at 800noticias.

If you know like me that you can get up to 15 euros in online marketing with 1 Euro invested, this is so much more value for me than inverstieren in cryptos, simply because I design my own business and it in the hand have.

Focus on the things you can do and stay consistent. “Where focus goes, energy flows.”

At the same time, if you see a chance and have nothing of your own, you should not do your own business or anything like that. Do not be too skeptical focus on one thing .. start. JUST DO IT!

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