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Feb 20, 2019 15:48:42

0. Introduction

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Hey 200 words a day, 

I tried to write here before and I was not consistent enough-as usual. But this time, I am trying to fit in 200 words into my day because I am currently trying to write a thesis. So, I need to train my writing skills especially the grammar part even I have tools to fix it. But, I want to do it naturally. So,here, I am. 

Creative and academic writing are two different thing for obvious reasons. I am used to write creative content which does not require complex words and following a rigid grammar rules. However for academic writing, I still need to learn a lot more. I also think I am not confident enough to ever write any "serious" essays even I do have fascinating ideas about things. 

 I have a lot of things to say at the moment especially after my winter hiatus.However, I never know how to sew them into words or maybe I am just too perfectionist... that's going to be another story. 

Recently I deleted 2000 words draft just because I felt it was crap based on a set of standard I have. My standard is usually pretty high because I aim to write like classic writers. I want my piece to be remembered not just consumed and forgotten. 

So, bear with me if I have nothing worthwhile to say but at least, I am trying.

Let's be a pen pal! 


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