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Apr 07, 2019 18:39:46

100% Honesty?

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Keenen Charles

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What's the right honesty setting? The robot characters in Interstellar, came with an adjustable honesty setting. But it was never set at 100% because humans feel uncomfortable with 100% honesty. It's surprising but sounds about right when you think about it. We value honesty so highly but in many situations, we prefer white lies or avoidance. So how much honesty is just right?

I've always struggled to be completely honest. I won't lie about anything significant but when it comes to personal topics I've always preferred to keep it to myself rather than be honest. With my emotions as well, I keep them to myself, hide my facial expressions because I'd rather no one really knew. But this lack of honesty has its own issues. Shallow connections, misunderstandings, and no one really knowing who you are.

In the past six months, I've begun trying to be more honest. Share my truths and stop hiding behind sarcasm and irony. But can that lead to being too honest? We're so used to our typical rules of interactions. Upset about something? Keep it to yourself. Feeling embarrassed? Brush it off. It's disarming to have someone tell you something you didn't think would be acknowledged. We're so used to brushing aside minor annoyances that when confronted it can be startling.

So how do you decide your personal honesty setting? I've found those moments when others are surprised by my honesty to be so much more satisfying. Despite the momentary annoyance and anger that they can display. So if this level honesty works for me, is it okay or do you need to find a balance that doesn't surprise anyone?

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