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Dec 12, 2018 23:57:26

11. Create

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    Consume less, create more.

Living in the information age, we consume vast amounts of content every day. Information is everywhere: signs at the streets, packaging of things, communication with others, and especially your phone and computer. These things were made to be little windows into the world of information — the Internet. 

These little data black holes may make you overwhelmed, give you the feeling that you can't keep up with all the information. And when you watch more videos, read a bunch more tweets, your brain relaxes. Consumption is easier than creation. The content is already in your mouth, just swallow it.

The content you swallow might not even be the entertainment. Watching educational videos, online courses, reading articles — yes, you learn a lot this way. However, it's the same consumption as with the “fun” content. You don't create anything, you just put the new information in your mind.


How do you turn this consumption into creation? One way is to apply the knowledge in practice. Isn't it what you were learning for? Another way is to transform the new knowledge into something useful for others.

    Transform information into value.

Just take what you learned, and tell it to someone else. Teach someone in the way that is interesting for you. Just to give you a few ideas, you may write a blog post, create a multimedia article, shoot a video, create a graphic, compose a song, draw it on the wall... even writing 280 characters about it will help someone! 

What's more, this will give a ton of value back to you. Firstly, someone who gets value from what you've created, may say “thank you” in a lot of different ways ranging from hitting that “like” button to buying you a coffee or sharing your piece of information with others. Secondly, it's even more important that creating such content would make you understand what you've learned better. It will show you the places where you are not that good yet thus making you learn more of what you really need. 

    Consume, create value, get value.
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