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Jul 11, 2019 23:30:00

11th July 2019

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Craig Petterson

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It's a Thursday night. 4 day weekend for me… or is it really? I feel all out of sorts.

I'm currently listening to Foo Fighter's One By One album. So, let's write up my day and talk about the weekend.

I managed to progress my "main" ticket somewhat today, but there was a lot of back and forth between branches, changes and running a lengthy section of our test suite (our tests take far too long). All this back and forth for some progress here and there feels necessary for this particular ticket, especially considering it's playing with people finances - and more specifically, something they submit to the government for tax, so not just for records!

All these little steps made more progressively more restless until the afternoon ended up feeling like 4pm on a Friday - the week is done, you just want to go home.

I'm off work tomorrow for a wedding and I'm off on Monday to pick up my house keys! We'll have probably picked them up before then, but that's our back up plan. We're expecting to be slight inebriated tomorrow evening, so they might prevent us - it wont!

Once we've got the keys, we're going to be in moving mode! I'm excited to move near a country park... Did someone say dog?

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