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Jan 18, 2019 23:37:55

#15 A departure and a busybody

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I wrote a letter to you.

But I'm not sure if you got it. 

Actually, I'm not even sure I sent it. 

I wrote it on my flight out of Tromsø. I write on a laptop sometimes. Since I'm a proper programmer, I make my entire screen black and write with electric green text like a hacker. It's easier on my eyes but unfortunately also quite easy for people to read over my shoulder. 

This time it was a middle aged woman, you the type old enough to have nothing much to live for but old enough to have enough energy to be a fucking busybody. 

I wrote to you about how it feels to see the entire island of Tromsø from the sky, The first flat Lina and I lived in, the street I stayed on with Sofie, the harbour and the path to the midget lighthouse. 

It only takes an hour and a bit to walk the entire length of the island but it seemed the whole world to me, and I guess to other people as well. There's a hospital, kindergartens, schools, a university, old peoples homes and even graveyards.

It was then I realised that the woman was reading your letter. She kept looking away when I glanced in her direction. But she pretended to look elsewhere. When I went back to writing I could see her craning her neck to read more of the letter. It kind of spurred me on in a perverse way to write even harsher things about Tromsø and its inhabitants so I wrote:

"And some people could be born on the island live their whole lives on the island and die without ever leaving."

As I typed the full stop I looked at her through via the reflection in my screen - I wanted to let her know that I wrote that just for her. 

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