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Jul 15, 2019 22:51:53

15th July 2019

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Craig Petterson

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Today was supposed to be the day we picked up our keys, but we managed to make time on Saturday. With that in mind, we had booked the day off! This meant more time at the house to sort things out.

We wanted to strip the living room (which is one big, open room for the living room, diner and kitchen) and the master bedroom before moving in... and everything is gone to hell. Hurray!
We knew it would be some work, but little things keep adding up.
Firstly, we knew there was a small leak from the bathroom into the kitchen below. Not too big a job, just a loose tile that needed replacing and we wanted to re-tile the bathroom anyway. This added the bathroom to the list and was preventing the kitchen from being sorted.
Secondly, while stripping the hideous wallpaper, we realised the walls need "skimming", which is preventing and delaying decorating.
Argh! We want to be in by 1st August!
We've had people round for bathroom and plastering quotes too.
Back to the decoration: Jesus... in just the (open plan) living room alone there we're 6 types of wall:
  1. Sort of sun-patterned blue (painted wallpaper)
  2. Black, wavy vinyl (wallpaper)
  3. Purple rose (wallpaper)
  4. Plain, royal purple (painted)
  5. Plain white (painted)
  6. White worded pattern (wallpaper... ON THE CEILING!)
What.. the... [Sound is muffled and screen fades to black]...

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