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Aug 17, 2019 22:04:14

17th August 2019

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Craig Petterson

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We were up early once again. This time after a late night. I went to bed about 3AM and Nay even later. She stayed up finishing a cake order for following day. She swears later is better, because it's fresher, more delicious cake - and boy, it is delicious.

After 14th August, I feel so much better. I'm tired, but we see light at the end of the tunnel. We had some friend round today to help us do some final odd jobs and to clean. (Thank you!)

We now have a couple of rooms completed. The bathroom (mostly, perhaps another story...) and the office. We plan to move the office desks in tomorrow and Nay plans to start working at the new house on Monday.

The fact we now have multiple rooms we can use is so relieving. There is finally an end in sight. It was amazing to finally see some noticeable progress.

On top of our tiredness and the amount of work we've done to the house, we still managed to squeeze a trip to IKEA into all of this. I've never been to IKEA before. What a great place to go if you want to start an argument.

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