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Aug 19, 2019 22:30:34

19th August 2019

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After nailing down our user flow, we've finally got to work on some actual shippable features.

We have what we're calling a "barcode flow", where the user scans a barcode and gets back a product. Failing this, they are asked to search by name and finally, to help us expand and provide the required information.

We're leaving the authorisation part until a later date, but we know it needs to be done before we ship the product.

I also thought that we should have split out our web app component and the api into different websites completely. Currently API devs are having to manage assets and compilation for no reason. This was my bad. We should have had https://sortin.app for the splash page, introduction, terms and marketing and then added https://api.sortin.app for all the API requests. Perhaps I'll fix this at a later date, but for now our MVP is in progress. Full speed ahead.

We've just added Friendly ID to our codebase. It's a simple implementation, we probably didn't need the gem, but it allows us to use the standing rails show method with a more user friendly stub, replacing the :id from rails show convention. For example, you can use GET /articles/article-title instead of GET /articles/1 for a nice human readable URL. This allows us to add GET /products/:barcode as an endpoint for our mobile application, which is the basis of our work.

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