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Feb 06, 2019 19:32:31

1st step

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Otto Koponen

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Today I took the first step to a healthier life. I signed up to the gym and bought myself a training program. I have an easier period in school for now so I thought what better time to start than today. 

I'm not a complete rookie when it comes to going to the gym. I went there for a year in these small sprees of motivation. I never got good at constantly going there every day and forming a habit of it for myself. I'm hoping this program will fix that. It's still quite exciting to start it up again. Let's just hope that excitement won't burn out.

I'm also a bit worried about taking up too many things at once. Focusing more in school, starting the gym again, sleeping more and better, and trying to connect with my friends a bit more than before. I'm not exactly scared of burning myself out but all this change is quite scary. I mean practically my whole life is changing. One could say I'm having a mid-life crisis at 17 years of age...

Quite a lot is changing. I'm turning 18 soon, I will possibly change to a whole different school in a different city, and on top of that I'm changing my habits and getting more healthy. I'm at the same time excited about becoming better, but scared of everything becoming different. Maybe I just need to let go of the lazy, procrastinating Otto, and become the new Otto. The one that is not constantly tired and unmotivated to do stuff. Maybe I will thank myself in the future for getting a grip of myself and choosing the right path for my own wellbeing and success.

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    Make sure you drink a lot of water and drink a protein shake after your workout.
    Mid life crisis at 17? I LOLed at that one.

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Feb 06, 2019 13:52:18
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    @dotto Good for you focusing on your health. When I was your age I did not have the good sense to develop proper habits and eventually the rock ā€˜nā€™ roll lifestyle eventually catches up with you. If you find that you need to prioritize your focus, I would suggest making sleep the top priority. I wish you the best on your transformation.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Feb 06, 2019 10:49:40
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      @brandonwilson Thanks!

      Otto Koponen avatar Otto Koponen | Feb 06, 2019 20:02:03
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