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Nov 24, 2018 11:30:23

2. Hacking

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I feel that I need to confess to you: I am a hacker.
I always tell people I'm a hacker. But what does it mean? People usually ask, "Do you break into others' computers?" And to answer this question, first, I feel obligated to explain them that even in cybersecurity there are not only bad (so called "black hat") hackers who break digital systems, but also good "white hat" ones who are doing their best to protect these systems. Second, after a long pause to let them process that information, I tell them the following:
Hacking is not a skillset, not a job, — it's a mindset.
That means that you don't have to be aware of the malicious penetration techniques used by computer hackers to be considered a hacker by the mindset (it doesn't mean you can't though 😏). But who should be regarded as a hacker then? Some say it's the person who uses computers virtuously, others say hackers just know a lot. And in my opinion, both of these definitions are right! When I was sixteen, four years ago, I wrote a very accurate definition of what hacking is, from my point of view:
"Hacking for me is a delight in solving problems and going past limits with the help of my knowledge and creativity."
My whole life can be described with this statement. I'm definitely a problem solver. I wouldn't be me if I weren't delighted by solving problems every day. Curiosity — that's what drives me. I always want to find what's beyond the obvious, always wondering, "What if... ?" And the knowledge and creativity I've obtained over years help me to successfully find solutions and answers.
Keep on hacking!  👏
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