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Jun 03, 2019 21:45:25

200w r1

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Yes, I'm practiced at talking into the void. It's not a fact I'm particularly proud of, but the need for self-expression has always exceeded all else, even when no one's been listening. 

I was on Livejournal, and when that tanked, I found solace in Tumblr. I had a blog on Myspace into which I poured real thoughts! Needed to be seen and heard, distinguished from the masses, not just another pretty twentysomething, but one with fifty cent words and the applicable life experience of someone twice my age. 

Got onto Twitter early enough to go by my first name; the 140 character constraint appealed to my innate sense for, or need of, minimalism. Look at it now.

I've become practiced at the short form. Sometimes my sentences become so stripped back that they disintegrate. Like what happens when you stare at a thing too long. Pure abstraction. Look at the words and they silently implode, lose all meaning.

Beyond the spareness of a few felt words, I often forget who I am, what my stories are, what is true, which wisdoms are really so necessary as to compel pen to paper. And yet I write, in dire hope that the immateriality of it all, always so pressing in my head, isn't completely lost to the wind.

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    @noele <<Like what happens when you stare at a thing too long. >> That seems amazing!
    I like your post! Looking forward to all the words you are going to bring (and take away from) here!

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jun 04, 2019 17:00:19
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      @lucjah thanks for the feedback!

      noele avatar noele | Jun 04, 2019 13:22:25
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    @noele Congratulations on your first post. I'm glad you found 200WAD on your writing journey. Welcome to the community.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 04, 2019 07:39:49
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      @brandonwilson thank you!

      noele avatar noele | Jun 04, 2019 13:22:29
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    @noele love the feels in your last paragraph. That's what I hope too, the immateriality isn't lost when I write. So well phrased. :)

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jun 04, 2019 21:14:31
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      @jasonleow one must give into the feels sometime! thank you.

      noele avatar noele | Jun 04, 2019 13:23:31
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    @noele - I was thinking about how short form writing -- editing out all the juicy stuff -- feels right for Twitter - and other onlineries. But, it's sometimes fun to make up words and play a bit. And then I'm cognizant that it might be consumable.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 03, 2019 22:28:23
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      @brianball what do you mean by making up words? portmanteaux and such?

      noele avatar noele | Jun 04, 2019 13:23:53
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      @noele - yes portmanteau is the word.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 05, 2019 07:08:13
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