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Mar 08, 2019 17:06:50

200WaDwise - Couch and more features suggestions (5)

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Still struggling here, by myself, with the Couches... in the Lounges... moving couches, fluffing couches, squatting on couches, squatting off couches...

So... I decided to stay in the 200WaD features zone and list some more suggestions.

There we go, @basilesamel

(HAHAHA*! She laughed her repulsive laugh)


I would like to be able to find posts:

by author's @handle (only @handles included in the post's text come up)

by particular #hashtag* (only the #hashtags included in the text of the post pop up) 


Notification refers to the particular post.

There is a list of notifications on the profile 

(Now if one opens a notification and in some dramatic way looses the page it's linked to, the information is lost forever! Foreeeveeeeer!!!)


Additional confirmation for the Publish action. Something like "Are you absolutely totally completely sure you want to Publish this Draft?". Usually after finishing writing a post, we click the Publish button and it's really easy to accidentally Publish draft which is not ready yet.

After deleting a draft, we jump back to the top of the Draft page. Maybe page could stay in the place where the deleted draft was located, would be easier to delete the adjacent draft. (Nowadays new drafts create themselves with outstanding eagerness.)

(*) Actually I don't know how #hashtags are supposed to be used here (no surprise considering my #hashtags)

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