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Jan 01, 2019 16:09:10

2018 Review

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It's a bit weird to review your 2018 on the first day of 2019, but this actually my habit and I normally set my goal on the 2nd day.

I have 4 main goal in my 2018, but so far I only managed to complete 1.5 out of 4 of it.

1. Lose weight - I have a good start in kento but didn't manage to push it to my target, due to lots of reason I have gain back what I lose.

2. 100K sales - That's my aim when I start the company with my partner, as I mention a few times here it didn't work out, we split the company and lost some money.

3. Build things - It's been a few year I been talking about build something, I actually manage to complete quite a few in 2018, it's really a thumb up for myself.

4. Work life balance - I think i been hitting 50% of this goal, I did some more time with my family, but I m having too little me time, it feel unbalance for myself.

Some other meaningful things to me in 2018

1.Interesting journey to partner with other to build up a company.

2. Did my small contribution for my country during election.

3. I move and take over the house that I grow up with.

4. Meet up & keep in touch with some old friends.

5. Launch 5 products / services.

6. Back to World Of Warcraft for a short period.

7. Went to club med for a family holidays

8. Really depress due to failure of company.

9. Getting excited then make a great come back by myself.

10. Bought some gadget for myself after few year.

11. Miss out my usual year end holidays.

12. Bought some game and enjoy some gaming time.

13. Start blogging again at 200wordsaday.

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