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Jan 02, 2019 18:06:47

2019? 🤔

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Luis Barragan

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Happy New Year! 

People tend to follow that with "My new year's resolutions are..." but I don't think I have ever completed a resolution I have actually set on New Years. I am great at starting new projects or goals, but always lose interest and start looking for the next thing. Over the last 5 years, I have started so many projects that I almost instantly lose interest in. I might do separate posts for that in the future.

The Project

I started a new project in November that will hopefully launch this month on the Apple App Store. It's a very basic app that is meant for kids to learn new words. I worked with several people to help create the app and I am happy about how it's turning out. I am also learning Swift to be able to update the app in the future and possibly create other apps on my own. 

The Goal

So my goal is to stick to this project for most of 2019 and not start anything new until this project has a good start and work on getting downloads. It's a simple goal but I know it will be hard to stay focused on this.

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    @luisbarragan Cool! :) Love the idea. Welcome to 200WaD and don't hesitate to share this journey with us :)

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jan 03, 2019 15:09:05
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    @luisbarragan Congratulations on your first post! It is good you have decided to focus and deliver on the new app. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 02, 2019 18:28:57
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