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Feb 12, 2019 16:21:48

2019 goals

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Gene Lim

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The year is still new. It is only February right now. All the more, I should push as hard as I can to make this year count. To do that, I have planned a goal for myself to reach by the end of the year. By this way, I can reflect back what I have done and continue improving from there.

January I have started to always go for a run in the morning before starting my day job. Till today, I have not missed a single weekday excluding Chinese New Year festival and sick days. I planned to continue this at least until the end of the year and also start building chest and arms by this month.

I do not plan for those muscular type of body shape but at least a fitting and healthy physical outcome will be enough. 

2019 is the year where I started my new job, and it is a family's business. Since it is part of the family, I planned to also make sure it will work out well and hopefully it could shape my future too. 

Since I am also a freelancer, with the skills I have, I want to also launch my own product. Last year I started building Oidator and it was interrupted in the middle by my current job's workload. I am not giving up on it yet. Will let my current job workload to subside a little more before continuing on that side project. 

Guess what, Stripe is now on Private Beta for my country Malaysia. It is a good news that soon I can use stripe for the payment gateway of the side project. Can't wait for it to be officially launch.

Anyways, my goals are just simple, hoping to keep them on track. Not forgetting also to write daily as part of my goals. 

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