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May 30, 2019 19:32:05

2019 Travel Log: Zion National Park, UT 🌵

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The beauty of America's south west is unmistakable. The vivid reds, pinks and oranges of the rocks, mountains and valleys are so beautiful and out of this world. It really does feel like you're in the middle of a wild west adventure story.

For me, it's the valleys and canyons that take my imagination to another world. Imagine being the first explorer to encounter these incredible sandstone megaliths. You're on your horse traversing along these crumbly cliff faces making your way through a gigantic canyon pass forged from millions of years of erosion. It's just so beautiful and awe inspiring!

Our first day in Zion was everything I could have imagined and more! We decided to do one of the most popular hikes in the park, called Angel's Landing. It's just over 5 miles and I wouldn't say "steep" but it does just go up and up. The main path is very well maintained but the real action begins when you get to the "chains". This is where the fun starts!

Basically you climb up the ridge of a cliff where you could actually die just by slipping off the edge. There's a chain most of the way up the cliff, but even then it's still quite slippery in parts. Anyway, despite the danger factor it is 100% worth it. Just make sure you're not afraid of heights!

One more thing: because Angel's Landing is the MOST popular hike in Zion, be sure to get up and do it early. We started around 8am and it was moderately busy but on  our way down there were literal traffic jams of people along the entire way. My number one tip would be to get up and go before 7am!

To keep things short and sweet I'm going to wrap this post up now, but stay tuned for more Zion posts throughout the week 🌵🤠.

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